Rather than evaluating water availability for your project’s needs or assessing potential project impacts on surface water or groundwater, KDMAN provides cost-efficient solutions to characterize and monitor your water resources. KDMAN’s proven experience on the environmental impacts of water developments enables them to undertake projects in a way that will improve quality of life for beneficiaries – without damaging the ecological balance. KDMAN with its world class water and environment specialists provide services to developing solutions which includes but not limited to river transport processes that store and transform chemicals in the aquatic environment; atmospheric, surface and ground water systems; biogeochemical processes in catchments and receiving water bodies; dredging management; complex water resource systems modelling; ecological and environmental water requirements; risk assessments; GIS, remote sensing, spatial data analysis; natural resources management; policies, laws and regulations that pertain to water resources; resources assessments and compliance; wastewater treatment engineering & design services; wastewater recycling and reuse;