Company Background

KDMAN ENGINEERS – one of the most trusted name in consulting industry has kicked off its services in 2008, in the name of Maa Traders which has been renamed as KDMAN EGINERS in 2019. Since started, KDMAN has been playing the pivotal role in national development. As a premier multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Bangladesh, KDMAN has been providing services to the government, private and international organizations. KDMAN offers a full range of services starting from project conception right up to completion including project identification, reconnaissance survey, project preparatory technical assistance, physical survey, techno-economic feasibility study, field surveys/investigations, environmental and social impact assessment, economic studies, re-settlement assessment, planning, detailed design and engineering, procurement assistance, construction supervision, project management and monitoring, post evaluation, implementation supervision/assistance, operation and maintenance, institutional and organizational strengthening, post implementation evaluation etc.
KDMAN is highly diversified in expertise and sectorial specialization. KDMAN provides services for a wide range of disciplines which includes civil, mechanical, electrical & power engineering; energy, health, education, agriculture and fisheries, water resources management and waste water treatment; environmental engineering and ecology; transportation; harbors and ports; railways; special economic zones, airport engineering; physical planning; information and communication technology (ICT), research, capacity development training and other infrastructure sectors etc.
KDMAN is adequately equipped with required logistics of transports, latest survey & investigation equipment, testing equipment, laboratory, server & personal computers, licensed software etc. 
KDMAN has been actively participating in a large number of projects both in home and abroad. KDMAN has successfully completed a large number of projects in different development sectors. The projects are financed by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Development Association, Japan International Cooperation Agency, DFID, CIDA, IDB and other international development partners and organizations.
With KDMAN’s unique combination of technical excellence and socio-economic insights, we connect expertise across diverse disciplines, markets and territories to deliver transformative outcomes. We design, build, finance, operate, transfer and manage projects and programmes that unlock opportunities, protect our flora and fauna and improve people’s lives.
KDMAN is a an international engineering company which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and is soaring to the expectations of providing the best engineering services to bring sustainable development and a brighter tomorrow for the next generation.

Building Dreams, Crafting Excellence, and Forging Futures.

We Have Global Network Of Clients

We're proud to serve a diverse client base that spans the globe. With a track record of successful collaborations worldwide, our global reach reflects our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt and excel in various markets.

Our experience with clients from different sectors and regions enriches our expertise, ensuring that we provide innovative and tailored solutions, no matter where your project is located. We're dedicated to building lasting relationships and trust with our clients, both near and far.

Join us in shaping the future of construction through partnership.

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We Have 8+ Years Of Experience In Construction Domain

We bring over eight years of dedicated experience to the construction domain. Our journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies. Over the years, we've honed our skills and knowledge, providing clients with reliable solutions and insights. Our extensive experience equips us to navigate the complexities of construction projects efficiently and effectively. When you partner with us, you benefit from our wealth of experience, ensuring your project is in capable hands. Let our history of success guide your construction project toward a brighter future.

Leading with Vision, Building with Precision, and Pioneering Innovation in Construction.

Our Team

Meet our Excellent Team with more than 8 years experience in structural design as well as management to provide you a robust support in all you civil engineering needs.